Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 9, from the Great Sand Dunes to San Luis, CO


  1. I love that you are just telling your story. Darkness and all. I also get a huge charge out of the fun effects and stills mixed in with the video. That is crazy great stuff! And as always, so glad you are STILL together. You guys are doing great! Keep the wheels a rollin'.

  2. Is it time for a white stripe down the center of the tent, kids? :) I imagine that it can be a significant challenge to have meaningful alone time on a trip like this. With apologies for mangling your metaphor, I've asked my love, when she goes deep and dark, to leave a diving buoy at the surface.

    I'll leave you with this quasi-koan: Is it possible to slam a tent door?

  3. LOL! I love the candor in these video clips and the realness expressed by you both. It is entertaining to see how your relationship will progress and delve into many unforeseen directions when spending so much time together! :) I will say...I'm with you, Julie, on the camping remarks...mosquitoes and bugs and no pillows or mattress are not the least bit enticing! :) Best of luck...keep the videos coming!