Friday, September 4, 2009

Into each life . . . (yadda, yadda, yadda)

Consider this supplemental material on rain.


  1. Bonsoir Ma Bell Fille

    La pluie et la video....c'est formidable!! J'espere la vie est meiux maintainant.



  2. Eric and Julie,
    Well, it's not exactly cycling all the way to Alaska, but Lisa and I are taking our first overnight motorcycle/Mustang ride this weekend. We'll head south along hwy 61 and visit Red Wing, Wabasha, Lake Pepin and figure out how far we want to go before finding lodging for the night. And NO rain is predicted to fall -- yippie!

    Wishing you well and loving your posts. Your last shot -- the rain puddling on the seat of the motorcycle -- is priceless.

    Very jealous of your next leg in Hawaii -- with airfares low, we are sorely tempted to join you! Will you be staying on Oahu or traveling to other islands? Kauai is our all-time favorite island, particularly Poipu in the south and the NaPali coast on the north.

    Ankle recovery is going well. I'm walking a couple miles at a time and have been on my bicycle 3 times, riding 20 miles yesterday. Still in physical therapy for another 10 sessions, then we'll see.

    Sorry to ramble on, but thought it had been a while. Well, off to Red Wing and points south!

    Bike safe, send more posts! ;-)

    Marjean and Lisa


    And the intro to this CD says..."a CD of nothing but the pidder-padder of rain, are we out of our minds? Absolutely not..."

    One wonders...

    However, on the upside, there's GOT to be rain falling somewhere. Think of those near Lake Chad, where those desparate photos of large ships turned askew for the lack of rain, ney weeks of downpour. They are so short of rain that it's ...well, I don't need say more.

    You're withstanding the rain for those who haven't any. How's that? Better? yeah, I doubt it, but I, I, I...oh, okay, I give...

    Love, leesh

  4. Thinking warm (and dry) thoughts of you. :)