Friday, December 18, 2009

Making prata in Singapore

This is the first video I made with my spiffy new camera - which I have on me so much more often than my video camera or my laptop. We have in mind to start posting more of these short snippets from our experiences around the globe.


  1. But DUDE! What about the finished product? I wanna know WHAT his is making? Is that just grilled dough? YES PLEASE!!!!

  2. Yup. Prata is pretty much just grilled dough! (Dough that is made of fat, egg, flour, and some water.)

    They give you a big bowl of (veggie) curry to dip it in, too, though you can order your prata so that it comes stuffed with things - like lamb curry, braised chicken, or something simple like grilled egg & onion.

    Or you can just have it plain. :-)

    In case you start to get bored, there are even two kinds of prata bread - a crispy version and a fluffy version.