Monday, January 4, 2010

A Bit of Audience Participation, Please.

We know you've got 'em - those burning questions you are too polite to ask.

Now is your chance. What have you been wondering about our trip, about us, or the people and places we've visited? Don't be shy!

Feel free to direct your Qs to either or both of us, and heck - you can even ask me something about Eric (or Eric something about me). Be as broad or as specific as you like. You can even remain anonymous if you'd like.

Just leave a quick comment on this post or shoot us an email if you'd rather.

As I post this, we are just about to board a plane to India, where we'll be holed up in an ashram for a yoga retreat for a week or two (and away from our computers). We'll address the best of your Qs in a video later this month . . .


  1. I have no question just yet, but I wanted to wish you both a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Save travels, and it's always great to read your updates and better imagine where you are.

  2. As of now, when is your journey going to end?
    How and where is this all going to end?
    What percentage of your funds do you still have?
    Have you looked into ways of making money to keep your odyssey indefinite?
    Word association time:

  3. I asked you this by email, but let me do it again do you travel around without a Lonely Planet/ Rough Guide - World Edition? :D

  4. HOw are you able to afford this? how long in advance did you plan and save?

  5. I'm afraid Jon Olson took up all my question time! No, just kidding, Jon!

    Carl Sagan imitation aside (big fan, by the way!), who has developed the most surprising skill(s) and who has the most irritating little quirk? (You can list a skill and a quirk for each of you, if you will).

    How much lead time would anyone have to join you for your wedding? (or are you going to go all Dick Cheney on that and take it to the bunker?)

    love ya, leesh

  6. Of what about your partner are you most proud?

    Describe your favorite moment thusfar. The most thrilling? The saddest? The most poignant? The craziest?

    What are you learning and how did you learn it?