Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The end of our recess

We have some sad news to share, folks: We are no longer together. This will be our last blog post on Riding Out The Recession.

The reasons we didn't work out romantically are complicated and private. Contrary to what you might think, they don’t have much to do with this trip. In fact, we have been a pretty amazing traveling team. For both of us, this trip has been a source of incredible joy and among the most significant events of our lives. We will both treasure the experience.

We hope that everyone who has followed or participated in our travels still finds something here that inspires you about traveling, the world and its people. May you each find your own trust-fall with the universe.

As for our Plans B, we are both still in the process of sorting that out. Eric will continue posting at Riding the Iron Rooster.

Happier travels to you all, wherever they may take you.


  1. Strange that I was on travels of my own when this knowledge became public. I thought of you two so often while in Honduras, your enthusiastic spark of travel excitment igniting my own exploration and discovery of a new place and new people and new experiences. I wish you both the best, safe travels, new friends, healing hearts. You are two of the most gentle, most intelligent people I have the pleasure of knowing and I hold you both in such high regard. Love and hugs.

  2. Oh man, what a disappointment. I am really sorry for both of you. Best of luck in your journeys as they continue.

  3. Wow...I once commented (to Chris) that the adventure was at times sort of like "Eat, Pray, Love" meets "Julie and Julia." Perhaps someone will publish you and create a movie, in which case, this seems like a suitable ending in a bittersweet kind of way...

    Your commentary will be missed, Julie.

    Thinking of you--

  4. Julie, I am so very sorry to hear of this news. Much, much love being sent to you both over the seas. I wish peace for you as you figure out your next move, and I wish you healing in your next steps and new adventures.

    Take care of yourself. Best wishes for your safety and well-being.


  5. My dearest Julie, Looks like it is already Monday there, so my Valentine Wish is belated. It is a good time to remind you how very loved you are!!! I'm wondering how this will play-out?You are a "gutsy" woman.I say if there are things that you still want to see&do....go for it! I should be at home most of this coming week;Would love to talk. BIG HUGS coming at you! Mom

  6. Indeed complicated, indeed sad...indeed well thought through and carefully said.

    Love you both. Leesh

  7. Eric and Julie,

    Gayle here from Santa Fe. Have been following your trip on your blog and it has been an inspiring adventure for the armchair traveler. Thanks for taking us along with you. So many wonderful moments and that bungee jump was something else!

    Just saw your last post and was sad to hear your news. You are both extraordinary people and I know you will each find your own way to your heart's path in this amazing and wonderful world. I wish only the best for you both.

    Julie, thanks for inspiring me to get a motorcycle. I am taking the safety course you recommended in May and then I am heading over to Harley!

    Many Blessings to you both as you continue on your journey,