Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 14, Leaving Santa Fe... again!

[FYI: Due to a technical glitch in the recording process, this video is pretty jerky. We hope you enjoy it anyway, and the audio we recorded in a cave at the Bandelier National Monument.]


  1. Creature comforts when camping (and Eric especially, you'll have to forgive me for ones you already know):

    Have a set a sleep clothes -- don't sleep in the day's clothes, nor in the next day's. They can actually live in your bag/roll, at least for a few days until it's wash time.

    Soak your feet in cool streams, especially in the evening. I think of this more as a hiker, but I imagine your feet get fairly hot and tired in bike boots, too. And then dry them as thoroughly as possible before re-shoeing -- jungle rot is no one's friend.

    Along the lines of your dad's cigar idea, Julie, I like a good smoky fire. I mean, not a signal blaze or anything, but a little bit of smoke cuts down on the bugs.

    I hope you have some tea with you -- I turn evil in a caffeine dry spell.

    All pretty basic stuff, really. Sounds like y'all are having fun -- glad to travel along vicariously!

  2. Marjean (Lisa's partner)July 1, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    Great blog, you two! Lisa showed it to me a couple days ago, and I'm hooked...

    I should really let her respond to Julie's request for camping coping strategies, as she tells me that I have a selective memory when camping -- I forget all the cold, hard, buggy unpleasant parts and only remember the lovely mist in the morning as I'm sipping coffee .... or the bird calls as I'm falling asleep. So maybe that's my advice -- find a couple of delightful things and block out all the rest! Like the sparklers around the campfire, what an excellent plan!

    Good luck, and keep posting... Lisa's says you may end up in Sydney in early December when we'll be there. How cool would that be? Ride safe. I'm living my cycling dreams through you as I'm nursing my broken ankle back to health...

  3. Marjean! Great to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words. We've been thinking of you, and wondering how your recovery has been progressing. How ya doin'?

    As for crossing paths elsewhere, we'd be delighted! We'll have to stay in touch as the adventure unfolds. I look forward to it.

    Please do let us know how the recovery is going. Clearly, you've got the "good attitude" part down.

    All the best to you both.

  4. Those are awesome suggestions, Mike. Thanks!

  5. Hey there! I think you should find yourself a pillow, J. You've mentioned it a couple of times and sleep is so important that I think you should figure that pillow thing out. That's my suggestion.

    But also...you guys are making memories that you will never replace. Ever. You do have the good attitude part down... I just think of how many other people will never have the experience that you're having. For whatever reason.

    Your video clips are magical. Love the inserts and the graphic additions. "Sparklers!"

    Happy, happy 4th of July! (Elvis Costello and I will sing for you at the Taste of MN).

    Love, Leesh

  6. My favorite world travellers,
    Remember those "Ultimate S'mores": French Little Schoolboy cookies with a coconut marshmallow toasted between two of them? It's wonderful to hear what a delightful day you are CREATING each day! Love you like crazy,
    Greg and Susan

  7. So glad you got the flux capacitor fixed! Wait...was THAT what is was called? At any rate, just keep R2 at 88 MPR and you should be fine. :)
    Camping tips? I agree with Leesh's suggestion of a pillow. I would have mentioned the sparklers but you got those already. Maybe just add in some dancing and some videotaping of the dancing with the sparklers? Put some smiles on some faces last time is all I'm sayin'!
    Those cave pictures are awesome! Glad you got to see that. Good call on skipping Vegas. This isn't really THAT kind of trip.
    Love you both. Keep yer wheels under ya! Hugs!