Friday, July 3, 2009

Grand Canyon Quickie


  1. And what do you want to bet she's not even texting about the view? Much too uncool for America's youth! (Oh god, I sound like a cranky old person, don't I?!)

    Life is good in MN, except we're in a cold snap. Lisa has traded in her mesh riding jacket and gloves for her full leather for her daily commute. My ankle is doing well, although the physical therapy and flexibility exercises are going to last a long time, I think. Still, it's getting a bit better each day.

    I'm going to ask Lisa to post some photos to Julie's facebook page of our M&M rides (Mustang & Motorcycle) -- the next best thing to riding bikes together!

    Thanks for the great updates! Continue to enjoy your adventures, be safe and post early and often!

    Marjean and Lisa

  2. Marjean, your timing is amazing! We were thinking of you on Thursday afternoon, wondering how you were doing. Great to hear from you, and to hear that the recovery is progressing, even if slowly. And I love that you've found a way to have the closest thing to riding together that you can in the meantime!