Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 38 trivia

4500 miles
9 hosts with homes
8 states
7 campgrounds
6 items of clothing discarded - or destroyed - by Julie
5 quarts of oil leaked
4 bike mechanics (Dan in Eagle, CO; Paul in Santa Fe, NM; Greg in Albuquerque, NM; Karl in Eureka, CA)
3 movies each (Chicago 10 for Julie, Up for Eric; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price & The Big Lebowski for both)
2 burlesque shows (one pirate-themed, one Lebowski-themed)
1 ferry ride
0 speeding tickets

cost per gallon of gas: $2.53 to $4.29

temperature range: 41 (in Santa Fe) to 111 (in the Mojave Desert)

wettest states: Arizona & New Mexico

elevation: sea level to 12,095 ft.


  1. One of the discarded items wasn't the Charlie's Angels tee shirt, was it? (I fear that was a victim of donation or garage sale...earlier).

    I had no idea that Cedric Diggery was the Twilight dude! (Duh...I've been deck building so I got kinda dumb for a spell. Cedar, you see. It's intoxicating, like a love drug...)

  2. Sadly, the Charlie's Angels T-shirt was sacrificed back in March for a home hair-coloring experiment. But it was time to let 'er go.

    Cedar, huh? Perhaps next you could build us a portable deck off the back of the motorcycles, or something? Somewhere to grill would be nice.

  3. Done! I'm getting really skilled with my circular saw! Next, it'll be chainsaw sculptures at the state fair...I'm moving up. (You'll find me next to the pig races!)