Monday, August 3, 2009

Slumber Party in the Yurt!

When we visited our friends on Vashon Island, we were treated to dinner and a show (!), followed by a peaceful overnight in a yurt they designed and built themselves. We made dinner from their well-tended garden, passed around the storytelling baton, and spent hours reading under a walnut tree while listening to the gentle clucking of the chickens.

The song performed in the video was written by Shane, who plays the mandolin (and about a bajillion other instruments - many of which he's fabricated himself). Oh - in addition to using their bicycles to commute and travel, Shane & Emily have a pedal-powered washing machine, which was quite a revelation for Eric; I've never seen him get so excited about doing a load of laundry.

For more pictures & narrative about our time in the Seattle area, visit Eric's blog.


  1. That's IT! I'm riding my bicycle to work.

    The word that keeps coming to mind is charming. That was just.....charming. You guys know the coolest people. Amazing.

  2. Although I guess technically, its YOUR bicycle JDu! ;)