Thursday, August 20, 2009

Portland, the opposite of an armpit

Belatedly, here's a video we made during our magical stay in Portland. Thanks to so much local hospitality, especially Erika's unbelievable generosity with her home and her time, throwing open her doors for us for an extended stay, it was difficult to leave!

Julie adds the following (since our video cut us off right about the time we were circling back to the lovely Erika):

How many days would you impose on the hospitality of someone you just met? One day - maybe two?

We stayed not two, not three, but FIVE nights at Erika's house - thereby eschewing all notions of houseguest etiquette and any claims we have to social graces. We simply couldn't help ourselves, folks. Aside from having such a beautiful home, not to mention being Hollywood-beautiful herself - I said to Eric, "You don't see people that stunning just walking around in the general public" - Erika is my favorite new foodie friend.

She introduced me to many new delectable tastes - which is, of course, my favorite way to spend my time (when I'm not riding my motorbike). Here are a few: Stumptown Coffee, the best coffee I've sampled thus far on the planet; Iberico ham, which unfolds in your mouth long after you've eaten it; Ken's Artisan Pizza; and have I mentioned her blueberry muffins?

Here's a tip, folks: If you want your houseguests to (ever) leave, don't arouse them from slumber with wafts of sugary-blueberry loveliness and French-press coffee. They will stay forever.

(And we did.)

Thanks again to Erika, and to her equally lovely mom, Cathy, for making the introduction.

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