Friday, August 7, 2009

On the (itty bitty) nitty gritty

Hello from the Ocean Island Backpackers Inn in Victoria, British Columbia!


  1. Hello you travellin' fools, you! Thank you so much for the awesome birthday phone message. I told Eric Plumb that Eric Grumdahl, in all the years that I've known him, has never forgotten my birthday. It made me smile from ear to ear to hear your voice on that voicemail message! Seriously, the best gift was to be remembered on my birfday!!

    I hope you are being well and taking care. Thank you thank you for the blog updates. Those, too, make me smile.

    What an adventure, kids! You inspire all of us to step outside the comfort zone and - as the Nike ads have prompted us since the 80s - JUST DO IT!!


  2. I have nightmares sometimes about being in spaces that small, in fact two nights ago I had one. I'm always crammed in some room too tiny for a toddler trying so hard to shimmy my way out. Not sure I would have been able to sleep there, seagulls or no seagulls. You guys are troopers!

  3. Thanks for the comments, all!

    Lucas, that room was far bigger than our li'l tent - much higher in the air, too!

  4. I want big pictures of Banff! I....WANT.....BIG.....PICTURES.....OF.....BANFF!!!!!

    Add me some stills along with the video, please - oh please - oh please!!! Vistas. Grand Mountainscapes. The hills being A L I V E

    (Don't sing it. I know you want to...)

    And J, I want you to know that I'm debating that same Bourdon coming on the bike camping trip that made me lose my camera for three days last time...well, I guess that's last time two years ago...last time.

    You know what I mean. Leesh

  5. Hi Eric and Julie!

    We're glad you made it to Ocean Island, and it sounds like you had a great time on Vancouver Island and in Victoria.

    Thank you for the nice comments about how clean you found everything and our renovated bathrooms, and we're happy you liked the orange and green!

    Just thought we'd point out that we've got a very wide range of room sizes - basically the one you stayed in is meant only as an upgrade from staying in a shared room, and not usually meant for couples. We always hope that guests will let us know if they're unhappy with their room, as with 80 rooms and 10 different sizes we're always able to find a room that you'll be comfortable with. For some reason we suddenly had more seagulls than normal this year, and since your stay in August we've installed prevention measures on the roof and near the skylights. Come back! Come back! We'll settle you in one of our nice large comfortable rooms with a window.

    Happy Travels,
    Adam @ Ocean Island

    Adam Bartosik
    Ocean Island